Reviewing ORM and Web API for C# .NET 6


Knowledge review of Microsoft C# .NET 6 programming language and Object-relational mapping (ORM) to develop Web Application Programming Interface (WEB API) with Entity Framework (EF) Core.

The course is oriented towards .NET (dot net) 6, which unifies the .NET Framework and .NET Core in a single platform since .NET 5.

At the end of the course, the participant will have acquired skills to create .NET 6 applications that use Object-relational mapping (ORM) and WEB API.


It is recommended that the participant is familiar with the C# programming language.

Course Outline

This module reviews the syntax of the Microsoft C# programming language.

This module reviews the fundamentals of Object Oriented programming.

This module reviews exception handling and analysis.

This module reviews generics class and methods.

This module introduce and reviews Dependency Injection (DI).

This module introduces and reviews the various types of encryption.

This module introduces and review the importance of multithreading.

This module introduces and review Web e Application Programming Interface (WEB API).

This module introduces and review relational database and Microsoft Entity Framework (EF) Core.

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