Information technology (IT) support

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IT support or IT technical assistance is the resolution of technical problems in an organization information system.

is not just software, sometimes there are problems with the physical IT infrastructure

Support can be provided in two ways:

  • Remote Assistance using an Internet connection, which is the most efficient and economical way to avoid travel time and costs.
  • Onsite Assistance with the visit of a technician to the installation of the organization.

What are the differences

Remote Assistance Onsite Assistance
Request Telephone By appointment or urgent request
Support level User support and software IT Infrastructure
Availability Time dependent Schedule dependent
Requires travel No Yes
How it works Technical assistance hour request or package

Remote support software

Remote support software allows remote access to the computer via the Internet with the user authorization. This type of support allows it to be carried out in a more efficient and economical way, avoiding travel time and costs.

Support is provided for the Microsoft Windows operating system with the Quick Assist application which is available for free in the Microsoft app store and requires a Microsoft account to use it.

Technical assistance hours package

It is a package of agreed service hours for remote or onsite technical assistance. The annual hours package is valid for 1 year. The monthly package of hours is not credited to the following month. There is no loyalty and membership, and cancellation are free.

Ask us for a quote for an annual hourly package or remote or on-site support maintenance contract.

Remote technical assistance

Standard prices for an average response level in which an incident does not cause loss, does not cause any damage and does not impede the customer's operation or business.

Isolated remote incident one-off support Monthly remote assistance hour packages
5 hours 10 hours 20 hours
40,00 €
(30 minutes)
100,00 € 120,00 € 400,00 €
Incident charging in 30-minute blocks Minimum charge 5 minutes

The current VAT rate is added to the values shown, subject to change without prior notice.

No-obligation technical assistance locally

Standard prices for no-obligation local technical assistance that is a sporadic occurrence or SOS that is available when the customer needs it.

One-off assistance at customer premises
Technical travel and includes 1 hour
(Lisbon center and south bank of the Tagus river)
100,00 €
Subsequent hours 75,00 €

The current VAT rate is added to the values shown, subject to change without prior notice.

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